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OTC 3005 Infologger Data Logger

OTC-3005 OTC 3005 Infologger Data Logger
  • Part Number: OTC-3005
  • OBD II & EOBD Data Recorder
  • The InfoLogger data recorder records vehicle Diagnostic
    Trouble Codes (DTCs) and live data (PIDs) for OBD-II
    and EOBD vehicles. Simply plug InfoLogger into the
    vehicle’s OBD II / EOBD plug and record the data
    for each trip driven.
    Visit the InfoLogger website to download the InfoLogger PC
    software using the included USB cable, then
    effortlessly upload the recordings to your PC.
    Easy to use software allows you to review the
    vehicle DTCs and PIDs, print reports and view
    data graphs. Compact size allows tool to be
    left plugged in at all times for ease of use.


    Compatible with ALL 1996 and newer cars
    and light trucks (OBD II, CAN & EOBD)
    Review and print vehicle diagnostic reports
    Record Up to 24 hrs of data or up to 32 starts
    (Storage may differ according to the use of vehicles)
    Speed Warning feature
    Graph 4 data (PIDs) at one time
    Multilingual software: English, Spanish, French,
    Italian and German


    Windows 2000, NT, ME, XP, Vista and 7 compatible.
    Includes USB cable for easy and quick

    Specifications :
    InfoLogger collects real-time engine data such as
    Ignition Timing, Fuel Trim and Engine Speed, among
    many other variables
    InfoLogger is a remote diagnostic tool that collects
    vehicle data while you drive
    Easy to view, chart and print data and graphs using
    the website and PC software
    Remote diagnostic has been turned into reality
    The vehicle data storage helps diagnose intermittent
    problems by giving you the codes, code descriptions,
    freeze frame, and recorded data which can also be
    This tool does not clear codes


    Plug-and-play tool with compact design
    Automatic recording of data without human interference
    User-friendly interfaces and clear display of data
    Remote diagnosis through connection with InfoLogger website


    OBD-II: ISO9141, SAEJ1850VPW, SAEJ1850PWM
    EOBD: ISO14230 KPW
    CANBUS: ISO15765
  • Price:  $56.77
  • Weight:  0.50


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