Clore 4502 6/12 Volt 2.5A Battery Smart Charger

Part Number: SOL-4502
The Clore Automotive 4502 from CHARGE IT! delivers accurate, reliable and convenient smart charging to a wide variety of battery types and sizes. Perfect for charging and maintaining the batteries found in cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, personal watercraft, motorsports vehicles, motorcycles and more. It delivers 2.5 a amp charge in 12 Volt mode via its automatic multi-stage charging sequence. Its small clamps are ideal for powersports, watercraft and other applications where access is difficult. Its display indicates charging status.
6 ans 12 Volt operation
2.5A 12V charge rate
Fully automatic operation
Multi-stage charging process
Safe for all lead acid battery types
Maintains batteries once full charge has been reached
Price:  $28.77
Weight:  3.00