Mityvac 6400 Fluid Dispenser

Part Number: MTY-MV6400
Dispenses Fluids to Fill or Top-Off Master Cylinders, Coolant Bottles, Transmissions, Differentials and other resevoirs
Mityvac's fluid dispensing system, No. MV6400, uses a 1-gal. fluid reservoir with a manual pressure pump integrated into the lid.
•Operating the pump pressurizes the reservoir to produce a continuous fluid flow.
•The MV6400 includes a pressure gauge, safety valve and manual pressure relief valve.
•The dispensing hose connects to the reservoir with a push-to-connect coupler and has an integrated control valve and an automatic shutoff valve.
•Reservoirs in 2.5- and 5-gal. sizes are available for separate purchase.
•No. MV6410 ATF Refill System adds 10 custom adapters for refilling sealed transmissions. (See related item below)
•No. MV6840 Pressure Bleeder includes five pressure-bleed adapters. Also available separately. (See related item below)

Mityvac 6400
Price:  $139.87
Weight:  3.00