FJC Automotive & HVAC/R 3.0 CFM Vacuum Pump

Part Number: FJC-9281
with R134a Brass Manifold Gauge
This set includes both the 3.0 CFM Vacuum Pump and R134a
Brass Manifold Gauge Set with 72” Hoses!

3.0 CFM Vacuum Pump
Two Stage Performance Using Twin-Port Technology
For R12, R134a, and R22 Refrigerants
Includes 8oz. of vacuum pump oil
Lightning Fast Design Removes Moisture and Non-Condensable gases
that can destroy any A/C or Refrigeration system.
Lightweight, Durable Construction for Easy Handling and Long-Life Use.
Tested - Proven - Reliable

R134a Brass Manifold Gauge with 72” Hoses
Brass Body Design.
Anti-Flutter Design Gauges.
Includes 72” hoses and quick couplers
Professional Quality.
Attractive Clamshell Packaging.
Price:  $169.95
Weight:  24.00