ATD Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter

Part Number: ATD-5585
Made by ESI Electronic Specialties same as #597
Premium Automotive DMM
Highest quality auto-ranging DMM designed for automotive trouble shooting. Features Peak Min/Max records transient voltages as fast as 1 millisecond. Milliseconds pulse width measures fuel injector on-time. Also measures temperature via Temp Probe in both °F and °C and a desirable 20 Amp test range. Unit has dual fuse protection, modern design and protective holster built into the housing. Instruction manual and molded storage case included.
• 48 Test ranges
• 18 Test functions
• rpm for DIS and standard ignitions
• Data hold, auto power-off and trigger adjust
• Test leads
• Large LCD Display with white LED backlighting
• 40 segment analog bar graph
• Min/Max Mode Records variation in all functions
• K-Type temp probe
• Inductive rpm clamp
Price:  $139.95
Weight:  1.00