Uview Sportgun Jr. / Pico-Lite Kit

Part Number: UVW-332220
The Spotgun Jr. is a professional injection system to inject dye into a pressurized A/C system quickly and easily. Small dye cartridges are convenient for shops to easily control their dye inventory.
Pico-Lite, a powerful compact UV leak detection light utilizing a 1 watt Luxeon® LED bulb, the latest in high intensity LED technology. Compatible with all UV leak detection dyes.
Services up to 20 vehicles!
Certified to meet SAE J-2297 Dye Standard.

(2) Jr. Universal A/C Dye Cartridges (1oz/30ml)
R-134a & R12 Adapters
UV Glasses & Service Stickers
3 (AA) Batteries
Price:  $72.67
Weight:  4.00