Uview Cordless SpotGun Jr. UV-Phazer Leak Detection Kit

Part Number: UVW-332000-A
The Next Generation of Cordless UV Leak Detection. A professional dye delivery system utilizing the Phazer Lite - leading-edge technology with the use of 18 True-UV LED's - a superior performace over Blue LED's to fluoresce dyes brighter than ever! LEDs do not produce heat making them safer to use for continuous operation.

Spotgun Jr. Injection gun system with the new Phazer Lite with 18 True- UV LEDs to illuminate all UV leak detection dyes
Services up to 20 vehicles

Spotgun Jr. Injection gun with R-12 and R-134a adapters and hose
UV-Phazer Light with 18 True-UV LED's - a powerful beam of UV light that illuminates UV dyes brighter than ever
2 Universal A/C 1 oz. dye cartridges
Hybrid Safe UV A/C Dye (SAE-J2297 certified & OEM approved)
UV enhancing glasses
Durable storage case
Dye Cleaner and 4 (AA) Batteries
Price:  $86.98
Weight:  3.00