OTC Tilt Steering Pivot Pin Puller

Part Number: OTC-7889
GM, Chrysler, & Ford W/Saginaw Column
Tilt steering columns are much easier to service when your tool box has a tilt Steering Pivot Pin Remover in it. Works on 1969-current GM, Chrysler, and Ford vehicles with Saginaw steering columns. This tool is handy if you need to take apart the "tilt" part of the column. The tilt steering columns are notorious for working themselves loose, therefore making this tool a handy part of your "family of tools".
This tool will remove the pins on each side of the top of the tilt mechanism, making servicing the rest of the column a "piece of cake".
You should not need this puller if you are just servicing the key switch, or the broken die cast piece of metal (opposite the switch), although We would highly recommend this tool for further steering column service.
Price:  $23.67
Weight:  2.00