PosiLock puller - 5 Ton 3 Jaw Gear & Bearing Puller by Posi Lock Inc.

Part Number: POS-104
5 Ton 3 Jaw Puller by Posi-Lock. Spread: .5" to 5",
Reach: 4". KD-3613 eliminates the need for many specialty pullers such as: Harmonic Balancer, Battery Terminal Pulle, Steering Wheel, Power Steering, Alternator Pulley, Differential Side Bearing, Brake Drum, Timing Gear, and Pitman Arm Pullers. Nut recessed to avoid mushrooming and disfiguration from impact. Cage to guide jaws for fast set up, solid contact and superior safety. T-handle locks jaw opening precisely where you set it. Leverage up front for vice-like power and no slippage. Center bolt threads designed for less effort to apply high torque. Visit www.posilock.com.

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Price:  $119.95
Weight:  4.00