OTC 3895 Genisys Touch Automotive Scan Tool

Part Number: OTC-3895
Trade in your Genisys Touch and receive a $1,000.00 rebate for a Genisys Evolve (limited time offer see link below)
AutoDetect: Genisys Touch software automatically detects & alerts the technician of on-tool or web-based repair information
Code to Fix: By Pattern, Symptom, Code, or any way you like — even by searching the Internet
Connectivity: Partner up with the included OTC J2534 Communication Device. Or pair up with the optional PC-based 2-Channel Tech-Scope® or TPR Tool via long-range Class 1 Bluetooth
Start the Repair: Wi-Fi Internet access & multi-device pairing for maximum shop productivity
All Makes Coverage Kit: All required OEM adapters from 1996 to 2012
Embedded Training Videos: Videos within live diagnostic sessions don’t interrupt workflow
Learn the Test: Video training on scan & scope test procedures, tool operation & more
Go Home Early today: Shorten your diagnostic time, maximize billable labor hours, & get the repair done from Code-to-Fix faster than ever before

Includes a ruggedized 10in. high resolution display tablet, J2534-1 / -2 compliant
Vehicle Communications Interface (VCI), 10 OEM adapters, OBD II cable, USB
cable, 12V power cable, AC power supply & custom carrying case.

All Makes Coverage Kit:
All required OEM adapters from 1996 to 2012
Pull-apart, durable case for easy storage

Included Adapters:
Chrysler CCD / 3825-59
Toyota/Madza / 3825-17
Toyota / 3825-18
Nissan 2 / 3825-24
Kia / 3421-93
Ford ABS / 3825-16
Ford EEC / 3825-12
BWM / 3825-28
Mercedes / 3825-25
Mitsubishi/Chrysler / 3825-19

Productivity Enhancements:
Automated System Test: Perform a Comprehensive Health Test. Provides DTCs (generic & enhanced), Freeze Frame, Mode 6 Component Test, Mode 5 Oxygen Sensor Tests, Mode 1 Readiness Tests, & more.
All System DTC Scan: Perform a trouble code check of all supported vehicle systems in seconds. Fast validation that all systems are clear of DTCs before or following a repair. Test Generic & Enhanced DTCs, then store & print the record.
Software Wi-Fi Updates: 12-month software subscription.
Price:  $3,279.00
Weight:  22.00