Raytek ST25 Autopro Infrared Thermometer

Part Number: RTK-ST25
With Smartsite Laser Sighting
Designed with the automotive professional in mind. Raytek autopro features Dual Laser Sighting. -25 degrees to 999 degrees F, -32 degrees to 535 degrees C. New rubberized Non-Slip Grip. See the target your measuring. Point, shoot and read, fast real-time temperature measurement. Replace temperature probes and thermocouples. Detect malfunctioning fuel injectors. Measure inlet and outlet temperatures of catalytic converters. Measure exhaust manifold temperatures to detect missing spark plugs. Distance to Spot (D:S)
Optimized for use at 8 inches.
Approximately 16:1 at focus point. Comes with Hard Case.
Price:  $139.00
Weight:  3.00