12v Electronic Battery and Electrical System Analyzer

Part Number: ATD-5490
Made in the U.S.A.
• Automatic battery size selection- NO need to input CCA, SAE, ICE, EN, ETC
• Uses conductance technology for safe, reliable testing
• Battery condition is shown in % of capacity
• Tests 12-Volt batteries- both flooded lead acid & AGM style
• Tests discharged batteries
• Tests 12-Volt starting and charging systems
• Multi-colored bar graph displays battery condition
• Low-voltage indicator LED lights shows when battery charging is necessary
• Bad cells are detected and displayed
• Reverse polarity protection
• Patented circuitry
• Battery test range: Auto/Truck >390 TO 1,400 CCA
Small Auto 100 TO 390 CCA
• DC Voltage range: 8V TO 19.9V
• Voltage accuracy: +/- 2% OF READING
• Weight: .75LBS
Price:  $144.95
Weight:  1.00