ATD-356 270 pc. Air Conditioning O-ring Kit

Part Number: ATD-356
HNBR R12 and R134A Kit
Highly Saturated Nitrile Butyle Rubber works with R12 and 134A. This kit includes: 20-7/32"x1/16" 5.29x1.78; 20- 1/4"x1/16" 6.07x1.78; 20-6.8x1.9; 20-5/16"x1/16" 7.65x1.78; 20-7.8x1.9; 20-8x2; 20-8.8x1.9; 15-7/16"x1/16" 10.82x1.78; 15-7/16"x3/32" 10.77x2.62; 15-11x2; 15-12x2; 10-13.9x1.8; 10-9/16"x3/32" 13.95x2.62; 10-14x2; 10-15x2; 10-17x2; 10-11/16"x1/16" 17.17x1.78; 15-11/16"x1/8" 17.04x3.53.
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