3 Pc. 15” Extra Long Locking Pliers Set by ATD

Part Number: ATD-873
•Extra-long reach feature plus selected angled orientations of jaws allow the tool to reach into narrow and blind spots to perform tool functions
•Easy to operate release trigger provides extra convenience
•Ideal tool for gripping, clamping and twisting
•High carbon steel construction with nickel-plated finish provides excellent resistance against rust and corrosion

Set Includes:
•ATD-874 - 15" Locking Pliers, Straight
•ATD-875 - 15" Locking Pliers, 90 degree Bent Nose
•ATD-876 - 15" Locking Pliers, 45 degree Bent Nose

One Year Warranty!
Price:  $39.95
Weight:  6.00