Ultra Probe 3 Powered Multi-Tester by Access Tools PUP3c

Part Number: ATS-PUP3
Power electrical components, check continuity and identify short circuits!
The Ultra Probe 3 is a powered multi-tester probe that gives the user the ability to power electrical components, check continuity and identify short circuits. The Ultra Probe 3 tests continuity, allows for the testing of relays and components, and features extra long jumper leads that will reach the back of the vehicle. This tool features a built in volt meter, bright LED illumination, and an audio tone that aids in the diagnosis of any electrical issue. The Ultra Probe 3 comes with a heavy duty carrying case.

A must have tool at an amazing price.


Powers electrical components
Voltage & Ground detection (red and green lights)
Extra long jumper leads
Tests continuity
Short circuit indicator
Relay and component testing
Heavy duty carrying case
Audio tone

Price:  $49.79
Weight:  2.00