OTC 3833M13 Tire Pressure Monitor Master Kit

Part Number: OTC-3833M13
2013 OTC Tire Pressure Monitor - Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) have become increasingly popular on cars & trucks since early 2000, & are now mandatory on all new vehicles sold in the U.S. Can you service vehicles equipped with TPMS? The 2012 OTC TPMS
Kit is the Total Solution! Testing & resetting TPMS vehicles has never been this simple. This
user friendly system will have you operating your TPM tool like an expert from the first use. Graphically enhanced software menus & step-by-step directions will have you up & running in no time. The Auto Scan feature further simplifies operation by automatically searching for &
activating any wheel TPMS sensor, for quick & easy sensor testing! In addition to the sensor testing & reset capabilities, the new 2013 software includes the ability to save & print sensor
data as well as test RF transmitting devices such as key fobs & garage door openers. Also included with the update is the 2012 Reset Procedure Quick Reference Guide.
TPM tool software & manuals cover current available model year & are easily updated. Easy-to-follow tool menu & graphics clearly show test options, procedures, & on-screen directions. Auto Scan feature provides a one-button activation mode which automatically scans for TPMS sensor communication. Diagnostics use a make-year-model input which automatically selects the proper sensor communication. Sensor information may be saved & printed with optional printer. Reset manuals include critical & comprehensive vehicle set up & reset procedure, along
with system descriptions & specifications.
Kit Includes:
Includes a TPM tool with latest software subscription including 2013 MY coverage, activation magnet, quick start guide, CD containing all previous & current reset procedure
manuals, update cable, CD training video, 6 nM Hi rechargeable batteries & recharging station, backup software CD, digital tire pressure gauge, 4-way valve tool, valve core torque driver, laminated application flip chart, service procedure flowchart poster, consumer
poster, & a blow molded case. 1/4in. Drive 11mm & 12mm Deep Chrome Sockets. Also includes TPM Electronic Torque Wrench: 12–120 in.–lb. ± 2% accuracy; Torque set
quickly with unique slide bar on the scale; Indexing head allows for use straight (screwdriver position) to spin nut down quickly; Torque limit LED flashes with audible beep.
Price:  $649.00
Weight:  13.00