Associated 6127XL 12-Volt Engine Starter Battery Charger

Part Number: ASO-6127XL
Powerful Performance
•On-board starter battery gives more cranking power than any fast charger – up to 1100 Amps cranking power
•6127XL_lowWill accommodate a user supplied Group 31 battery
•Assists both customers and employees where there is no electrical power
•Recharges battery up to 20X faster than hand-carried units
•Solid state circuitry monitors battery condition and maintains maximum state of charge
•Fully automatic 10 Amp charger recharges starter battery or any on-board 12 Volt battery
•12-Volt DC power outlet

•500 Amp insulated clamps with patented “Flexi-Spring” cable guards
•Polarity light warns operators before making a reverse connection
•On-Off Switch to prevent personal injury
•Plugs into any AC outlet for rapid automatic recharging
•Designed for safe handling in any weather
•Includes convenient clamp bar for easy and safe storage of clamps when not in use


Clamps:Flexi-Spring.Limited warranty:1 year. Weight:54 lbs. UL/CSA Continuous Rating:10A. AC cord:6.5' 16-3AWG. DC leads:8' 4AWG. Clamp rating:500A
Price:  $578.75
Weight:  54.00