Solar OS6120 Battery Charger with Engine Start and Battery Tester

Part Number: SOL-OS6120
A great combination of versatility and economy, the OS6120
delivers full-service charging and starting in an economical unit. Features 6 and 12 Volt operation, a 2-Hour timer from charging convenience, a test
function for quick assessment of battery condition and alternator output, and 200 Amp engine starting assistance.


6 and 12 Volt Operation.
40 high, 15 medium and 2 amp low charging rates for use on a variety of batteries.
200 amp engine starting assistance.
Enhanced Transoid Transformer design for improved durability and increased efficiency.
New Quad Force Rectifier design meets the demands of daily professional use.
Rugged, Industrial-Grade Clamps for strong connections and efficient power transfer.
Price:  $274.00
Weight:  43.00