Streamlight Stylus LED Pocket Leak Detector Lights

Part Number: STL-STYLUS
Streamlight Stylus LED leak detector light

Includes three (3) AAAA alkaline batteries. 100,000 hour lifetime, hi-intensity Light Emitting Diode (LED), "solid-state bulb". LED available in Arctic White, Ice Blue, Navigation Green, or Flame Red. 6000 series tempered aircraft aluminum with anodized finish; non-slip knurled grip. 1.1 Ounces.

Arctic White 12,000 millicandelas.
Ice Blue 5,000 millicandelas.
Navigation Green 15,000 millicandelas.
Flame Red 16,200 millicandelas.

Waterproof; individually serialized; momentary blink switch and constant "on"; pocket clip. Uses: White 65018; Most popular for all-around use. Very close to natural light, which allows you to see "true color". Green 65020; Extremely bright. Great for outdoors because it preserves night vision. For hunters it won't spook game.
Blue 65022; Extremely bright yet easy on the eyes. Ideal for various industrial and automotive applications. Also commonly used in forensics. Red 65035; Ideal for signaling. Preserves night vision. Please indicate color in comment section when ordering.......our options box is currently under construction.

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