Thexton Wirehawk Circuit Tester

Part Number: THX-121
Fast, handy. For 12V/24V circuits. Wirehawk requires just one hand to test circuits in hard-to-reach areas. Works two ways: Captures and pierces wire with unique hook design or can be used as an ice-pick type tester. Hook feature makes Wirehawk simple to use and easy on fingers. If circuit is live, bulb in handle lights up. Made of rugged plastic. Has 16 gauge, 44-inch ground wire with 50 amp clamp. Test up to 15 volts. For replacement bulbs use Thexton Part No. 121-18 (12 volt systems) or Thexton Part No. 121-22 bulb (24 volt systems). Use for circuits,connections, fuses and 2-cycle engine timing.
Price:  $17.88
Weight:  0.50