FJC 6850 R1234YF/R134a/R12 Manifold Gauge Set

Part Number: FJC-6850
Aluminum with 72" Hoses and Manual Couplers
FJC 6850 R1234YF Aluminum Manifold Gauge Set
Includes: Aluminum manifold with pressure gauges, high and low side service port couplers and 72? hoses packed in a protective plastic case
Aluminum manifold with front easy to operate color coded handles and side hose hangers
Manual R1234YF High side service port coupler
Manual R1234YF Low Side service port coupler
Anti-flutter high and low side gauges with re-calibration adjustment
72 inch Red, Yellow and Blue R1234YF hoses
Packed in a protective plastic case
Price:  $138.88
Weight:  6.00