OTC 3200 Smart Battery Starting and Charging System Tester

Part Number: OTC-3200
Full Data Reporting Straight to you Smart Phone! OTC 3200
Displays data straight to you Smart Phone! OTC 3200

Test faster with the first market solution to utilize the power of your smart device. In less than three minutes you can test the battery, starting and charging systems. Receive a comprehensive, full color data report directly to your smart device for easy sharing with your customer. The internal 9V battery allows testing of deeply discharged batteries.

Features and Benefits:
The first Battery Tester allowing you to print, save or email a comprehensive, full color data report.
Near-instant test displays Battery Health along with Charging and Starting system health.
Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, including smart phones and tablets.
Smart device provides a large and clear screen to view reports on and share with customers.

How It Works:

After downloading the OTC3200 app and scanning the QR code on the battery tester, you can immediately view battery test results. To receive data about the starting and charging system, start your engine and scan the next QR code. The test results will be sent to your smart device. Smart devices must have a rear-facing camera to meet full requirements
Price:  $329.00
Weight:  1.00