Durablock AF44L 7pc. Sanding Block Kit

Part Number: DUB-AF44L
Features and Benefits
Uniform machined surfaces
Hard surface tension
Multiple blocks in one kit covers a variety of jobs
The AF44L includes most of the popular blocks in the Dura-Block line.


AF4400 - Dura-Block Standard Sanding Block
AF4401 - 1/3 Dura-Block 5-1/4" Sanding Block
AF4402 - 2/3 Dura-Block 10-1/2" Sanding Block
AF4403 - Dura-Block 16-1/2" Full Size Sanding Block
AF4404 - Dura-Block 11" Tubular Sanding Block
AF4405 - Dura-Block Scruff Block
Also comes with hand soap
Price:  $47.97
Weight:  2.00