Spot Stud Welder Dent Removal by Motorguard Profesional kit

Part Number: MOT-J01500
Specially made Magna Spot weld dent remover kit made to not burn through unibodies. Polished cast iron slide hammer. Free Shipping!

Includes all the basic requirements for today's professional collision repair technician.

1 Magna-Spot 1500 Gun
1 Heavy Duty Slide Hammer
1 Molded Case
3 Electrode tips
500 2.0 mm Draw Pins
150 Rivets

Made in the U.S.A. CSA approved

View 1000 Entry Kit

Pkg. of 2.0mm Welding Studs

or 2.2mm Welding Studs H and S

The Magna-Spot 1000, 1500 and 2000 series welders incorporate a new low-heat transformer especially designed for today's high-strength steel uni-body vehicles. With plenty of power for any job, these welders virtually eliminate "Burn-Through" that can be a problem common to other welders.

These are unique, solid quality, U.S. manufactured products that offer world class performance for today's collision repair professional. They are designed for instant welding of draw pins, molding rivets and for the "shrinking" of stressed material. Documented reports from users state a reduction in repair time without "Burn-Through", even on the most difficult and awkward dents. These Stud Welders feature a lightweight, ergonomic design with heavy-duty construction, low-heat transfer and the highest level of reliability. Try a Motor Guard Magna-Spot Stud Welder today and see the difference in superior results over existing models and methods.

Price:  $377.87
Weight:  25.00