ATD 5489 500 Amp Variable Load Carbon Pile Battery Tester

Part Number: ATD-5489
•Tests 12V batteries, alternators and starters
•Tests batteries to 1000 CCA
•Color-coded, temperature compensated pass/fail bands on voltmeter for accurate assessment
•Separate ammeter to enable precise loading of battery
•Heavy-duty, color-coded clamps for secure battery connections
•Durable steel case

•Voltage: 12 Volt
•Load: 0-500 Amps
•Tests: Battery State of Charge, Battery Load Test, Alternator Output Test, Starter Draw Test
•Cooling Method: Convection
•Display: Ammeter + Voltmeter
•Feedback: Audible Alarm Signals End of Load Test
Price:  $76.97
Weight:  3.00