OTC 3834 Tire Pressure Reset Tool

Part Number: OTC-3834
The OTC's TPR is a fast and simple to use stand alone TPMS activation tool
• Works on all known TPMS sensors through 2009.
• Bright graphic display and simple navigation buttons enable vehicle selection for fast activation.
• Automatically adjusts activation output power to eliminate cross activation of near sensors.
• Easily Updated with a wireless connection to the Genisys scan tool when new software is installed on the Genisys.

Combine TPR activation with the power of Genisys scan
• Compatible with the entire Genisys family of scan tools.
• Register new sensor ID's on Asian vehicles.
• Use the TPR to activate and decode sensor ID's and transmit them to the Genisys wirelessly.
• Bluetooth wireless communication adapter included.
• Quick reference reset procedures can be quickly accessed on the Genisys.

This product may be covered by one or more of the following U.S. patents: 6,904,796 7,592,903, and other patents pending.

Includes: TPR handheld, DB25 wireless adapter, carry case registration card, user manual for TPR and Genisys interface.

Price:  $399.00
Weight:  8.00