Associated Digital Battery Electrical System Analyzer

Part Number: ASO-12-1015
Starter, Alternator, Ground and Battery Test with Built in Thermo Printer and USB port
• Light weight hand-held digital battery tester with
Thermo Printer and USB port
• Stores last test series with or without power
• Battery test displays:
- Good/Replace/Recharge-Retest
- Measured Voltage of the battery
- CCA Battery
- Internal Resistance
- Estimated remaining life
• Starter Test displays:
- Lowest voltage of battery during start
- Voltage Drop – Normal/High
• Alternator Test displays
- Good/Low/High
- Average / Max / Min during test, for loaded and
no load test
• Carrying Case and cables included
1 Yr. Warranty
Price:  $269.00
Weight:  3.00