Mini inline desiccant air dryer filter ATD

Part Number: ATD-7820
Package of two
Mini In-Line Disposable Desiccant Dryer
1/4" NPT; maximum 15 CFM; maximum 125 psi. Ideal for spray guns (point-of-use). 40 micron, porous bronze element removes fine dirt particles, as oil removing media removes oil vapor and desiccant beads adsorb water vapor. Attaches directly to spray gun or mini regulator located on spray gun. Unit is bi-directional with 1/4" NPT. Blue desiccant beads lower the dew point to -30ยบ and remove all water vapor. Bead color turns pink when it is time to replace filter/dryer.

Made in the U.S.A.
Price:  $17.87
Weight:  0.10