UVIEW 413310 Uview Cordless and Rechargeable Trouble Light

Part Number: UVW-413310
All new “Single Strip” LED Streamlight 413310 Technology offers technicians a wider, brighter light.

Wide Angle Lens: 120 degree viewing angle with No need to reposition light as you work.

Single Strip LED:
Consistent power from a single light source which Illuminates your work area with no shadows or hotspots.

Ergonomic and durable rubber grip: Comfortable grip and impact resistant housing so you won’t drop it. But if you do, it won’t break.

Long Life Battery:
Consistently puts out 3 hours of full light per charge. No need to search for another light in the middle of a job.

Smart Charger:
Charger senses full battery and never overcharges, preserves battery life. Worry-free charging over a long battery life.

New Multiple LED Array Technology:
Over 330 lumens of brilliant white light The equivalent of a 75 watt incandescent bulb, in a cordless package.


Super bright LED light.

Freedom 1


Freedom Lite 413310 Cordless Rechargeable Trouble Light

Price:  $69.67
Weight:  1.00