Schumacher SP3 Extender

Part Number: SCM-SP3
3A 6/12V Microprocessor Controlled Charger/Maintainer

Fully Automatic Microprocessor Controlled Unique automatic battery charger maintains both 6 and 12 volt batteries keeping them at full charge using float-mode monitoring. Perfect for charging small batteries. Great for maintaining small and large batteries kept in storage – motorcycles, classic cars, RVs, boats • 3 amp charger and maintainer • Scrolling Messaging Display • Automatically switches from Full Charge to Float-Mode Monitoring • Quick-Connect Harness – Snap either connector into place in seconds – Use the 50 amp clamps, 12 volt accessory plug or permanently attach the ring connectors…great for hard-to-reach motorcycle batteries • Reverse-hookup protection • Auto Voltage Detection – the charger automatically determines whether the connected battery is a 6 Volt battery or a 12 Volt battery • Hook Attachment - hang outside the work area for safety and convenience
Schumacher SP3 Extender battery charger
Price:  $42.97
Weight:  2.00