Shumacher Racing Pro Series Portable Booster Pack

Part Number: DSR-PSJ-4424
12v and 24v 4400 Peak amps 500 crank 415 cold crank
4400 Peak Amps
500 Cranking Amps
415 Cold Cranking Amps
Services both 12V and 24V Applications
Two, 22-Ah Professional-Grade, High-Output AGM Batteries
3-Amp Built-in, Automatic Charger
ON/OFF Switch
Reverse Hook-Up Alarm
Two-Function Digital Display
12-Volt DC Power Outlet
2-Gauge, 55-inch Cables.
Heavy-Duty Clamps have Replaceable Copper Jaws
Durable, Rust & Corrosion Proof, Polypropylene Case
Unique, High-Impact Rubber Base
Vented and Fan-Cooled Case for added safety

PSJ 4424 by Shumacher Racing DSR Portable Jump Start booster pack
Price:  $423.00
Weight:  18.00