CPS MAID8QZ Black Max Manifold Gauge Set by CPS Products

Part Number: CPS-MAID8QZ
With Spider Case
Item Description:

BlackMax® Black & Chrome series 2 valve anodized aluminum block body with ½" ACME fittings, Triple Seal™ piston valves, 2 ½" (68mm) Class 1.6 accuracy gauges, protective gauge boots, premium 8ft Pro-Set® Black & Chrome hose set, manual couplers and hanging hook. MADE IN USA

Item Specifications

Body Type: 2 valve anodized aluminum body with ¼" SAE 45° fittings

Valve Type: Triple Seal™ piston valves

Gauge Type: 2 ½" (68mm) Class 1.6 with internal silicon dampening cup for Flutter-Free operation

Refrigerant Scales: R-134a only

Pressure Scales: PSI
Price:  $113.77
Weight:  5.00