Leonardo 1.8mm HVLP Spray Gun

Part Number: ATD-6918
The Leonardo paint gun line has a revolutionary fluid nozzle and needle design where changing sizes only requires replacement of the fluid nozzle, not the needle. 10" spray pattern without separation makes it easy to achieve fast and even coverage. Lightweight design reduces user fatigue and ensures a comfortable fit for the painter's hand. Perfectly balanced for controlled painting with exceptional atomization and color matching for high quality finishes. Satin finished gun with 1.8mm fluid nozzle.

Available Accessories:
ATD-6926 - Locking Air Regulator
ATD-6927 - Flip Stand
ATD-6929 - Trapper Filters
ATD-PRT6925-22-23 - 1.0 Litre Spray Cup
Price:  $88.95
Weight:  2.00