Hansen Miter Saw Laser Guide

Part Number: HAN-3061001
Retro-Fit your miter saw into a laser guided power tool

Projects a laser guide line for accurate cuts

Easy to install

Automatic On/Off with saw blade rotation

Extra long bolts included

Batteries Included

Battery Life 1.5 Hours or 5,000 Cuts

Diode Life 3,000 Hours or 2 Million Cuts

NOTE: Does not fit Bosch, Ridgid, or ProTech 12" miter saws and radial arm saws. A small number of 12" miter saws will not allow the laser guide to mount flush when using a thin kerf sawblade because the bushing on the arbor of the miter saw is too thick. Using a standard 12" sawblade with an approximately 1/8" thick body should prevent this problem.
Price:  $27.77
Weight:  0.20