ESI 45 Infrared Thermometer

Part Number: ESI-45
Temperature Range: -22 to 932F / -30 to 500C
Accurate non-contact surface temperature readings
Continuous Backlit Display
Laser Guide for Accurate Aiming
Accuracy + 1%
Temperature Range: -22 to 932F / -30 to 500C
Resolution: 0.1 Degree F & C
Long 12:1 Distance to Spot Ratio
Fast response time for quicker work decisions
Professional grade construction and design
Emissivity = 0.95
Requires 2x AA batteries

Catalytic convertors
Air Conditioners
Brake & Tire Inspections
Coolant Temperature
Engine Misfires
Diesel Engines
Electrical & Industrial
Price:  $27.77
Weight:  2.00