Ingersoll Rand S64M19L-PS 19mm PowerSocket

Part Number: ING-S64M19L-PS
Provides up to 50% more reverse torque to get Real Work done!

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New 19mm PowerSocket™ delivers Performance, Productivity, and Versatility.
The Ingersoll Rand PowerSocket™ is a revolutionary solution to bust through the most stubborn bolts. The patent-pending power ring design provides up to 50% more reverse torque to get REAL WORK done. The PowerSocket™ eliminates the need for a larger tool, providing time-saving power and versatility to increase your productivity.

The patent-pending design creates increased reverse torque up to 50% on ½” impact wrenches to tackle the toughest jobs.

Time saving:
Eliminating downtime and the need for complicated bolt removal techniques allows you to get more work done in less time.

The PowerSocket™ fits on any ½” impact wrench reducing the need for additional tools to do your job.

Price:  $63.87
Weight:  1.00