Tracerline Tamper-Evident Straps and Sleeves

Part Number: TPD-TP30 and TP31
The Fast, Safe and Easy Way to Protect A/C Systems! Includes 10 sleeves,10 straps and labels

With different refrigerants available for today's automotive A/C systems, the risk of cross-contamination has become a major concern. Tracerline® Tamper-Evident Straps and Sleeves are specifically designed to address this problem. These easy-to-use, cost-effective products ensure the purity of vehicle A/C systems, while protecting the integrity of your service equipment!

•Warranties your work and protects A/C systems
•Guards against unqualified repairs
•Reduces comebacks
•Safeguards your recovery equipment
•Brings YOUR customers back to YOU!!
Price:  $29.95
Weight:  1.00