Mityvac MV4535 Cooling System Air Evacuation Kit

Part Number: MTY-MV4535
The Mityvac MV4535 Cooling System AirEvac Kit refills automotive cooling systems in minutes without trapping air that can cause overheating. The kit combines a universal adapter with a compressed-air-operated venturi vacuum to quickly eliminate trapped air by purging and refilling the cooling system under vacuum. Its new innovative design allows improved access into tight areas, and the patent pending valve coupler allows the operator to test the cooling system for leaks prior to refilling.

Vacuum refilling cooling systems without trapping air
Vacuum testing for leaks in automotive cooling systems

Uses shop-air to quickly evacuate an automobile’s cooling system for vacuum leak testing
Refills cooling system in minutes without trapping air that can cause overheating
Universal adapter forms an airtight seal with all radiator and coolant bottle necks. No custom adapters are required.
Components connect using self-locking quick-disconnects for easy and time saving assembly and breakdown.
Packaged in custom molded case
Price:  $124.95
Weight:  5.00