Tracerline TP 8627 Complete EZ-Ject A/C and Fluid Kit

Part Number: TPD-TP8627
New Kit Is Tough on Leaks, Easy on the Budget!
Tracer Products has unveiled the extremely affordable Tracerline TP-8627 EZ-Ject™ Leak Detection Kit that saves mechanics time and trouble when trying to pinpoint leaks in air-conditioning and fluid systems. The heart of the kit is the high-intensity, 6-LED OPTI-Lite™ flashlight that is so powerful it makes even the smallest leaks clearly visible.

Another important component of the kit is the EZ-Ject™ multi-dose dye injector, a fast and easy way to add fluorescent dye to multiple A/C systems. A simple turn of the handle injects an exact amount of dye into the system. And there is no mess to clean up!

The kit contains a 0.5 oz. universal A/C dye cartridge that services up to 14 vehicles. Also included are a 1 oz bottle of Dye-Lite™ All-In-One™ dye for oil, fuel, ATF, power steering and hydraulic systems, a 1 oz bottle of Dye-Lite™ coolant dye, an 8 oz spray bottle of GLO-AWAY™ dye cleaner and fluorescence-enhancing glasses. All are conveniently stored in a sturdy plastic carrying case.

Price:  $59.67
Weight:  8.00