Mastercool Professional UV Dye Light Kit (12V/50 Watt)

Part Number: MST-53351
For A/C, Cooling, Oil, Transmission, and Fuel Systems
The MTC-53351 is Mastercool's new Professional UV Leak Detector Kit, for A/C, Cooling, Oil, Transmission, and Fuel Systems. Mastercool offers a variety of compact UV Leak Locator Kits. Each kit offers a powerful inspection lamp, a “Refillable” or “Cartridge Type” Dye injector and accessories.

Kit Includes:
12 Volt/50 Watt UV Leak Detector
1 Ounce Coolant Dye
1 Ounce Oil/ATF/Fuel Dye
Mini Dye Injector (10 Applications of Universal A/C Dye) which is compatible with R134a and R12 systems
Dye Remover
R12 Adapter
UV Enhancing Safety Glasses
A/C Connection hose with R134a Coupler
12 Service Labels.
Ships in a cardboard storage box.
Price:  $66.67
Weight:  3.00