EZ Red CT1000 "Caterpillar" Pocket COB Light

Part Number: EZR-CT1000
175 Lumen light output
Featuring new COB LED technology, the "Caterpillar" CT1000 Pocket COB made by EZ Red provides 175 lumens of light output. With a rugged, water resistant ABS body and a flood beam effect, this light can brightly illuminate a wide area. Featuring a magnetic base and rear pocket clip, this light is perfect for working in a shop, walking the dog or any situation.

•Flood beam effect
•Rugged ABS body
•Water resistant
•New COB LED technology
•Magnetic base
•Rear pocket clip

•175 Lumen light output
•Up to 7 hr runtime
•Water & impact resistant
•6.0” H x 0.55? W x 1.25? D
•0.15 lbs
•US Patent No. 8,628,210
•90 Days Limited Warranty

Price:  $7.67
Weight:  0.10