ESI TMX589 Tech Meter Kit

Part Number: ESI-TMX-589
Alternator and solenoid diagnostics. Safe for Hybrids
TECH METER KIT - Techs want more information! With TMX-589 you get it! One hour of DVD training showing how to use and get the best results from your investment.

TMX-589 - Professional Grade True RMS Digital Mulitmeter - CATIII 1000V safety rating - Safe for use on Hybrids - Waterproof to IP67 Standards
LOADpro - Loads the circuit to find corrosion and resistance in the wiring - fast diagnosis - OEM approved tool - patented method can’t be accomplished by Power Probe
FET Book - 200 pgs of Fundamental Elecrical Troubleshooting tips and insight A must have for any technician beginning or advanced
Training DVD - One hour of multimeter training and advice on many aspects of electrical troubleshooting. Used for Alternator and solenoid diagnostics.

Price:  $237.77
Weight:  2.00