Hoffman CLT-2PB Cylinder Leak Detector

Part Number: ATD-5573A
Works with Gas and Diesel Engines (Diesel Adapter not included)
Test for bad valves, worn rings, cracked cylinder walls, and blown head gaskets with this leak detector.

This tester measures the ability of an engine cylinder to hold compressed air using shop air pressure and supplements a compression tester.

Zeros in on the exact problem if there is poor engine performance.

Has a precision regulator with a combination M14 and M18 adapter on 26" hose assembly.

It has dual easy-to-read gauges which make it superior to our CLT-1 because it lets the mechanic monitor input air-line pressure.

Can be furnished with rubber boots for protection of gauges in case tester is dropped.Visit www.starhoffman.com

Ships with blow molded case
HOF-74498 Diesel adapter required to use this kit with Diesel Engines....Please call for details and availabliity

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Price:  $78.99
Weight:  5.00