Uview Sportgun Jr. / LED-Lite Kit

Part Number: UVW-332010
UView Ultraviolet Systems Inc. is the worldwide leader in the automotive after market, which first started tracking leaks in automotive air conditioning systems in 1996. Today, UView is globally recognized for quality and innovations.

The Spotgun Jr. is a professional injection system to inject dye into a pressurized A/C system quickly and easily. Small dye cartridges are convenient for shops to easily control their dye inventory.
Compact UV leak detection light with 6 LEDs to illuminate all UV leak detection dyes.
Services up to 10 vehicles!
Certified to meet SAE J-2297 Dye Standard.

(1) Jr. Universal A/C Dye Cartridge (1oz/30ml)
R-134a & R12 Adapters
UV Glasses & Service Stickers
3 (AA) BatteriesSpotgun
Price:  $52.88
Weight:  3.00