ROB-16009- Refrigerant Identifier

Part Number: ROB-16009
Protect your A/C service equipment. Know whether or not you have acceptable R134a refrigerant before servicing the vehicle with the DiscovR refrigerant identifier

Guard against costly recovery equipment repairs. Contaminated refrigerant can wreak havoc on any R134a recovery, recycle and recharge machine. The average repair cost is $300, and in many cases contaminated refrigerant will void the product’s warranty. Shield your RRR machine from contaminated refrigerant by using the DiscovR refrigerant identifier before connecting to the vehicle.

Uncover hard to find air contamination. DiscovR refrigerant identifier notifies you when the system contains excessive air.

Fast and Accurate. “Pass” and “Fail” lights clearly show if refrigerant is pure enough to be recovered.

Refrigerant: 134a
Input Power: 12 VDC
Accuracy: Pass/Fail - 95% pure R134a
Air Detection: Yes
Approvals:UL/C - Pending
Price:  $559.00
Weight:  2.00