Schumacher INC 7AOBD Memory Saver

Part Number: SMC-INC7AOBD
On-board diagnostics connector (OBDII) plugs directly into the vehicle’s OBDII port
• Preserves the stored fault codes and programmed electronic settings such as clocks, radios, seat positions, keyless entry systems, alarms, etc.
• Convenient 12 volt DC male-to-male cable for quickly charging the internal battery on the go
• 7 amp hour battery
• Easy to read battery status LED indicators – tell when the internal battery is at full power, 75% charged or 50% or less and needs charging
• Built-in charger – for convenient charging of the internal battery
• Charging and charged LED indicators – show the charging status of the internal battery
• Convenient strap for easy cable storage
• Lightweight and easily transportable – weighs less than 8 pounds
Price:  $64.67
Weight:  8.00