ATD 4365 Protective Lug Nut Removal Socket Set

Part Number: ATD-4365
Out of stock with replacement set coming soon
Manufactured using quality Chrome-Molybdenum alloy steel
•Feature protective plastic outer and inner socket sleeves to prevent damage to expensive custom wheels and lug nuts
•Covers most applications for light-duty vehicles
•Color Coded for easy identification
•Extended length for use on wider wheels


•(5) Extended Sockets
•(5) Extra Plastic Sleeves
•Molded Storage Case

Also Available Separately:

•ATD-4368 - 17mm Extended Socket
•ATD-4369 - 19mm Extended Socket
•ATD-4370 - 21mm Extended Socket
•ATD-4371 - 13/16” Extended Socket
•ATD-4372 - 7/8” Extended Socket

ATD 4365 Lug nut socket set
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Weight:  3.00