Private Brand Tools 70865 Crankshaft Bolt Removal Tool

Part Number: PBT-70865
Reduces service time on vehicles with limited crankshaft bolt access. Ideal for Honda Crankshaft bolt removal!
PBT 70865 Features:

• Generates up to 600 ft. lbs. of force which
exceeds most 1/2” drive impact guns
• Bi-directional force loosens or tightens bolts
• Saves repair time – no need to remove parts
to access the crankshaft bolt or harmonic
balancer pulley
• Use where impact guns won’t fit
• Impact force ‘shocks’ bolts loose
• No compressed air required for operation
• Use with impact sockets


• Length: 560mm
• 1/2” square drive

Also works great with:
- Couplings
- Flanges
- Flywheels
- Driveshaft
- Pulleys
- Lawn mower base plate

PBT 70865
Price:  $88.89
Weight:  7.00