VIM TT375 Turbo T Speed T Handle Wrench

Part Number: VIM-TT375
3/8in Dr Speed T-Handle Wrench Stainless Steel
This new Speed T handle wrench is the fastest non powered socket drive tool. The tool is made from stainless steel with a knurled aluminum guide handle. Simply get the fastener started then while holding the knurled aluminum guide handle, spin the T handle, to
loosen or tighten your fastener. 3/8in. square drive with ball check, and rubber tipped handle.

•The fastest non-powered speed handles

•Stainless steel “T” handle wrench

•Aerospace aluminum knurled handle

•Square drive 3/8in. with rubber tipped handles

Limited Lifetime warranty

VIM Tools TT375 Speed T Handle Wrench

Price:  $29.97
Weight:  1.00