Midtronics Hybrid Battery System Analyzer Tester

Part Number: MDT-HYB1000
Introducing the HYB 1000 Hybrid Battery System Analyzer from Midtronics. The HYB provides technicians with the capability to perform battery service maintenance testing on several leading Hybrid vehicles. Simply connect the wireless convergence communication module to the vehicles on-board diagnostics port and follow the menu instructions on the HYB. The drive test is an interactive, menu-driven test that uses live vehicle sensor information while performing an accelerated drive test. The technician can see live results on the tester while performing the test, and print the results to an IR printer.


The following test functions are available:

12 volt Auxiliary Battery Test
DTC Code Reading
DTC Code Reset
Live Data Run Chart
Drive Test

The drive test provides the state of health (SOH) of the battery pack at the end of the test:

Pack OK
Pack needs Service low conductance
Pack needs Service out of balance
Corrosion or connection issues between cells
Weak cells that can be replaced
Includes a bar graph showing relative indication of pack SOH
Indicates when battery pack service is needed

Collected Data includes:

Block Conductance (G) in Siemens
% Block Conductance (G) Remaining
Block Conductance (G) Delta (High vs. Low) %
Pack Voltage


Model: HYB-1000

Hybrid Battery System Analyzer Includes: HYB, A155 wireless communication module, CVG wireless convergence module, 4-foot battery test cables for auxiliary battery test, A156 Tool bag

HYB-1000 KIT: Same as above plus the A087 IR


Drive Test
Test Hybrid Batteries while in-vehicle
Test 12-volt Auxiliary battery
Read DTC Codes
Clear DTC Codes
Live DataRun Chart

Power Requirements: (6) AA Alkaline Batteries


HYB: 128 x 64 pixel graphics, backlit display

Operating Temperature: 32F 120F (0C 49C)

Test Leads: 4-foot cable with dual conductor Kelvin clamps

Vehicles: Toyota Prius Gen I, Prius Gen II' Lexus LS600h, Honda Civic Ford Escape, Fusion, GM Malibu


For printer option see HYB1000KIT below in related products
Price:  $1,189.00
Weight:  5.00